VILJEVAC is a luxury Croatian fashion brand of women’s clothing and fashion accessories designed under the leadership of Diana Viljevac.

Ever since the beginning in 2009, the brand has highlighted the high quality production, selected the best materials and designed clothes that emphasize the female figure.

One of the greatest qualities the designer Diana Viljevac has shown is the ability to recognize the wishes of modern women, and as a result the brand imposes trends from year to year, always with an individual and recognizable signature.

The designer, who has an exceptional eye for detail and passion for simple shapes, achieved refined design to emphasize the female figure in a subtle and elegant way: “I represent timeless design that celebrates the female body without unnecessary details, making sure that women feel satisfied, confident and powerful in every single design I make.”

Satisfaction that is seen on women who wear VILJEVAC is also represented on many famous celebrities such as Jelena Rozga, Severina, Danijela Martinović, Mirna Maras, Iva Jerković, Ecija Ivušić, Andrea Andrassy, Lana Klingor, Iva Šarić, Mirna Medaković, Mila Elegović, Antonija Blaće, Marijana Batinić, and so many other beautiful Croatian women.

VILJEVAC brand participated in numerous humanitarian, cultural and social events, such as “Dan crvenih haljina”, “Moja maturalna večer”, “Modni ormar”, and was presented in the most popular fashion and lifestyle magazines, such as “Harper’s Bazaar”, Story, Gloria, Ljepota i zdravlje, Grazia, Nacional, Jutarnji list, and many others.


Dežmanova 4, Zagreb


moN 12 am- 8 pm 

tue- FRI 10 am – 8 pm 

Sat 9 am – 3 PM