The biggest reason for joy and happiness this fall!

In the midst of negative news from all over the world, new Diana Viljevac collection arrives, and it is definitely bringing colors to the gray moments and is reminding us of the carefree time that seems so long ago, but is actually at the tips of our fingers,

The new fall / winter 2020 collection is a hommage to all the brave women who have remained positive, have not given up or thought about giving up, and who are the greatest inspiration to the designer of magical creations for all occasions. The usual thoughts about making new dresses were interrupted at the beginning of the year when favorite occasions and celebrations were put on hold, but for the favorite designer for elegance fans, this created only additional motivation for progress: “I think we are all put to the test this year, so I decided to prove that social distance can only bring us closer. This collection is the sum of all the fears, desires, hopes and uncertainties we have, I believe, all felt, and it came out in the form of a memory of everything we had and could have in the past, and now only allows us to look forward to the future when finally things return to normal, which we are used to. “

There was not a single thought of backing out from the known aesthetics; the collection offers elegant dresses for festive occasions that can be made in several colors, classic pieces usable for multiple events, games with materials through fluttering silk models and wearable viscose dresses, but also a new line of coats that the designer is especially proud of.

Skillfull play with familiar elements such as asymmetry and favorite elegant silhouettes of exposed shoulders, combined with the introduction of subtle innovations in construction, created the most attractive collection so far, all guided by the idea that the Viljevac brand remains at the top of fashion design for all ages and body shapes.

As it is currently almost impossible to define a season trend, the designer states that each piece in the collection is designed so that you create your own trend: “I have never blindly followed current trends because women are most beautiful when their outfit offers a dose of individualism. Even the most elegant long dress from this collection can change the imaginary look using fashion accessories, each model offers the opportunity to experiment, and the brightest spot are coats that achieve a special authentic look with the harmony of colors and shapes no matter what you combine them with. “

After more than 10 years on the fashion scene, Diana Viljevac has established herself as a designer who follows and listens to the wishes of her clients, so each model from this collection will be able to adapt to the wishes of each woman, by choosing different colors, playing with length or custom-made dresses so that in addition to the perfect look, each dress also offers a feeling of freedom and joy.

The great excitement for the collection, which is unique in its courage, the designer explains with a chronic longing for good news to all who have had a hard time this year. The recognizable signature of elegance on an ordinary black dress takes us away from reality at first sight and creates a desire not to give up on our plans and dreams. “Let’s show that we are not afraid and that we believe that countless more beautiful things await us” – is the advice of the designer whose new collection can be seen in the most charming street in Zagreb, Dežmanova 4, and on the official website www.dianaviljevac.com.

The melancholy and romantic tones of the collection were impeccably conveyed through the lens of Karmen Poznić, and Anamarija Crnoja found herself in the role of a model. Lidija Štokić from the Hairvetica salon took care of the perfect hairstyles and Andrea Bošković is responsible for the make-up.

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