Fall/Winter 2021

A new dimension of elegant fashion with an undertone of classics in Diana Viljevac’s fall/winter collection

If you thought that the famous designer showed all the possibilities of playing with unexpected materials on elegant models, wait for the new collection in which classic models are revived inspired by the modern and avant-garde, through designs that are worn and combined with ease.

The new collection opened to a wider audience and offered classic, timeless pieces such as those that go well with all fashion combinations, but also more elegant versions that will ideally complement the elegant design that will not be lacking in this collection either. Fashion lovers who follow beauty with quality will notice elements that are recognizable in Diana Viljevac’s designs, such as dresses that follow the body line and emphasize the figure in a decent way, and new, daring silhouettes with carefully selected materials to combine classics and innovations from the world of glamor in unique design.

The designer points out that she is proud of the entire collection, not only because of the end result, but the complete creative process in which she managed to achieve everything she wanted: “Since I opened the store at Dežmanova 4, in addition to pleasant experiences and beautiful dresses, I have wished my clients offer the possibility to choose a complete outfit in just one visit. After several months of creation and a very turbulent and busy summer, I found inspiration precisely in the curiosity of women who wear classic pieces in their own way and thus give them a personalized spirit.”

The results of several months of creation do not leave anyone indifferent, especially after the return of the hit coats that dominated our fashion scene last year, and this time they are available in a new design as well as new colors that match the rest of the collection.

As the true autumn and winter colors and cooler tones predominate on the new models, the designer did not hesitate to break the monotony through somewhat more challenging models: “Each collection is a story in itself and always requires adaptation to the place and time in which we live, the audience that follows us and the design that is currently in demand. I always like to offer my vision of fashion for the upcoming season, adapting through colors and materials, but offering the opposite in design and cuts. Mini dresses are also presented in this collection, because I see no reason why they should not be worn in the cold season, especially if we cleverly combine them and additionally decorate them with a new belt line that emphasizes the line even more elegantly, as well as monochrome clothing.

Asymmetry, which is extremely popular in the collections of popular designers, is not left out this time either, but it can be seen on more elegant, evening models that require additional details in order to stand out and become perfect for special ceremonies and important occasions. They are enriched with a subtle shine that attracts minimalist details and jewelry, while the focus remains on the unique design and the person who wears it.

In addition to models for special occasions, we also have overalls, but also new models of skirts that, thanks to the strength of the material, allow a perfect look for any body shape.

Models with a touch of traditional, timeless chic, ideal for the upcoming season, are still made according to customers’ wishes: “All pieces from the new collection can always be adapted to any body shape with custom-made, and clients also have a palette of different colors and materials at their disposal in which models can be created. I look forward to the latest reactions to the collection, in which every graduate, bride, godmother or business woman can find everything they need for a perfect look in Dežmanova 4 and on the website