Each of our dresses is made with a mission to improve your appearance, to make you feel confident, elegant and extraordinary, all in order to make you happy with a product in which hours of work and effort has been invested.

We believe that the fashion we create is only a part of the essence of your beauty that comes from within, and every day we learn new ways to further emphasize your natural beauty.
As a brand that takes care of your appearance, we like to make you happy and surprise you with creative collaborations that will make it even easier for you to achieve the desired look.
We continue to work and collaborate with Kiehl’s cosmetics, which improve the appearance of your skin with effective and nature-inspired formulas. Commitment to customers, product quality and proffesional advice to women to feel better in their skin are qualities that adorn Kiehl’s business and, attracted by the practice in which the Viljevac brand is found, we always return to this special cosmetics.

Special cosmetics samples you will get by purchasing our products

We are happy that with this collaboration we have the opportunity to introduce you to new trends in the world of beauty; with every purchase of our products, we’ll give you a package of skin and body care products to complete your look with the most beautiful dresses and the best cosmetics.

Discover the power of creative thinking in maintaining the health of your body through top-quality preparative cosmetics and confidently step into our creations as if the whole world is your runway! We believe that with this collaboration you will feel the vision of creating top-quality, innovative and feminine products that aim to bring a smile to your face. Visit us in the store in Dežmanova 4 or place your order through our web shop and do something nice for yourself!