Lorena Bućan at Dora

At this year’s “Dora”, a prestigious competition that is regularly held in Opatija, we had the honor of presenting our creation on the young and talented Lorena Bućan, a singer who by her looks and character perfectly describes the woman we love to see our creations on.

The singer, after whom there are numerous competitions, collaborations and festivals, incorporated our mystical dress Alex into her song “Drowning”. Alex dress is a model that stands out as a favorite for festive occasions and we regularly make it in other colors.

Lorena chose Alex in dark blue color with a slightly dramatic make up and loose curls, and perfectly presented the emotion of the song with her overall look but also brought refreshment to the dazzling „Dora“ stage.

In this dress Lorena described the magic of our design in the best way!

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