Magical wedding

One of the biggest rewards any designer can get is a smile on the face of a satisfied client.

The end of 2019 was marked by a wedding where our Jelena dress, this time in the role of a wedding dress, shone through, and we want to share at least a part of the feeling that consumes us when we get photos of our clients. Dresses that follow you around the world and embellish your special occasions are proof that fashion is more than wanting to look beautiful.

Our Jelena dress is just one of hundreds of creations in which women have stepped into new stages of their lives, and in the most beautiful way have praised our work.

Although we have other white dresses that can serve as simple, minimalist wedding dresses, we often come back to Jelena, which fascinates us with simplicity and offers many possibilities for combinations. And we are especially pleased that, by simply shortening it, even after the most important role at the wedding, Jelena can become your favorite everyday dress.

This magical wedding is our motivation for designing dresses that Viljevac brand is known for. Less is more, and simplicity is beautiful!

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