New store location

New fashion store by our famous fashion designer Diana Viljevac was opened in the center of Zagreb, and it’s located in one of the most beautiful streets of our capital- Dežman street, 4.

After graduating from the Faculty of Textile Technology in 2009., Diana Viljevac founded her own brand that bears her name. An extraordinary eye for details and passion for minimalist silhouettes and forms follow this designer from the very beginning, and finally she achieved a refined design by paying attention not only to the looks, but also to the functionality of her design.

High-quality clothing design and best materials are at the top of her priorities, making her clients feel powerful, confident and comfortable.

As a strong woman, she designs clothes that highlight a woman’s figure and celebrate body of all shapes and sizes. The brand follows current trends, but always stays true to the original idea and signature of the designer.

Behind the brand are years of dedicated work and effort, with the brand always being on the top of Croatian fashion scene, participating in numerous collaborations even beyond the borders of Croatia.

Many well-known names like Jelena Rozga, Severina, Danijela Martinović, Mirna Maras, Iva Jerković, Ecija Ivušić, Andrea Andrassy, Lana Klingor Mihić, Iva Šarić, Mirna Medaković, Mila Elegović, Antonija Blaće, and many other beautiful Croats did not resist the refined design of the brand and are happily wearing her creations.

As one of her biggest achievements, Diana Viljevac points out the opening of her new store in Zagreb, a place where customer satisfaction comes first and where everyone can see why does Viljevac design stand out year after year.

Well-known Croatian women such as Jelena Rozga, former Miss Ivana Petković Čevra, singer Karla Zelić, photographer Mara Bratoš, model and Instagram star Lidija Lešić, as well as men’s fashion lovers like Miran Kurspahić and Josip Tešija, were first to see the new fashion store in it’s full beauty!

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