At the first presentation, our Paris jumpsuit stole the hearts of girls and women, high school graduates, bridesmaids, and all of those who wanted something more than just a dress for formal occasions.
This summer, we presented our jumpsuit in a new green color, a light and airy summer material, and waited for the first reactions., the leading Croatian fashion portalthat brings the news from the world of fashion on a daily basis, enthusiastically writes about our jumpsuit in a new color:

Paris jumpsuit

The jumpsuit with a voluminous bow is a favorite model of women who like to wear their clothes several times and on different occasions: “The construction emphasizes the waist, but also the legs. The wide stockings give the impression of fluidity and sensuality, and the bow that adorns one side of the jumpsuit , while the other side is exposed, is the most beautiful part of this item.

This special and unique model is available in a version with a two-toned bow, or if you need to add an extra dose of glamour to your look, you can opt for a coat version that will give you a dose of elegance.
You can see other details about this beautiful jumpsuit on our web shop, and contact us with your ideas about colors or other details about the jumpsuit!