Spring/summer 2021

The much wanted ready to wear collection of most fashionable wearable models that you can combine in countless ways has finally seen the light of day, and the combinations with the Viljevac brand signature absolutely delight with clean lines, new products such as pants, jackets and shirts that are a huge hit this season!

So far, the most attractive collection of the famous designer, whose minimalist signature is recognizable on the Croatian fashion scene for more than ten years, was created after numerous inquiries from lovers of classic design: “At this time, formal dresses are still in demand, but creativity has come out of me this time in a completely new form; In addition to the standard collection of formal and elegant dresses, I wanted to present wearable models for modern women who not only need a perfect look, but also look for comfort, originality and quality. “

Shirts, seemingly simple pieces, stand out from the innovative collection, but with the expert eye of a designer whose creations are worn by the most famous Croatian women, the ordinary shirt has become an “it” piece of the season that occupies the most important place of spring-summer combinations. The collection is dominated by natural materials and white notes with striking but subtle details that will place each shirt on the throne of the fashion scene, and the designer also offered the option of combining with elegant skirts of clean, straight lines or shorts to give the outfit a casual touch.

Along with the new models of shirts, new lines of dresses stand out; fluttery, romantic and gentle, just as we would describe our ideal year: “Dresses are still one of the most beloved pieces for all women because they are the simplest fashion choice for all occasions, but in the new collection I removed elegance as a guide and indulged in charm, originality and the simplicity of a light summer dress made of natural materials. I surprise the fashion scene with daytime collection from time to time, but this line is my personal favorite due to the wearability of each model and the fact that I can finally say that in my store every woman will be able to complete her ideal outfit, whether looking for the perfect look for the next wedding or for a carefree dinner. “

The designer reminds that with the new irresistible models for the spring / summer 2021 season, fashion accessories in neutral and pastel colors look even better and you can interpret your perfect outfit in a thousand ways.

Over 20 models with a recognizable signature, but enriched with new patterns, natural materials and models bursting with optimism and creativity are presented in a fashion oasis in the center of Zagreb, in Dežmanova 4, and the web shop www.dianaviljevac.com is still a destination for all who cannot visit the store and try the novelties with the Croatian signature.

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