Spring/Summer 2022

A floral vision of fashion through the new Spring/Summer 2022 collection by Diane Viljevac

The Croatian designer known for her luxurious models delighted us with novelties for the spring/summer 2022 collection.

This spring, we will pay special attention to the models from the new collection of the famous designer Diana Viljevac, which once again brings elegance and luxury to our wardrobes.
The models created from the creative oasis at Dežmanova 4 are imbued with common elements such as voluminous floral details and natural materials, and the collection, which includes dozens of dresses, jackets, overalls and a two-tone spring cape, is the continuation of a fashion story from the colder season that delighted the waist and lovers of elegant design with a timeless character.

The designer emphasizes that she finds favorites for certain occasions in each collection, but this time it was difficult for her to decide on just one model that would represent spring: “The truth is that for each new dress I work equally hard and think not only about the aesthetics but also about the functionality of the model , but this spring I present a collection that is more than clothes because I finally feel the return of fashion as it was a few years ago and the optimism I feel is transferred to every model. I am convinced that we will again have a carefree warm season and that is why I have presented formal toilets ideal for weddings and similar important occasions, and, although I still like simplicity and classic models, I have decided to offer models that are very impressive with the choice of materials, patterns and effective decorations. “

Luxurious gowns and long dresses at first glance separate themselves from the rest of the collection, which is intended for everyday wear; with the selection of silk, which is the best material for warm days, voluminous dresses give a special touch of elegance that we long for when we want to stand out. Beside the formal dresses enriched with spring details, there are also simpler models seasoned with the distinctive style of the designer who pays attention to comfort and highlighting the best of the figure, and the simple jacket which, with the addition of turquoise details on the waist, becomes the favorite fashion choice of this season.

Cuts that compliment the feminine body are bolder than ever before, and this will especially appeal to women who love romantic and simple, yet seductive designs.

“After the monochromatic, more closed models from the past collections, we came to an explosion of colors and materials, opening cuts and emphasizing the figure. The models from the new collection still go well with the fashion accessories presented earlier, whether it’s a leather belt, skirts and blouses that stand out under the new cape or a day dress that we combined with a new statement jacket, so my vision of a woman for which this collection was made is still the same, but improved. This is a woman who will serve as an inspiration to everyone this spring, because she will excel with creative combinations on every occasion,” says Diana Viljevac and adds that each piece from the collection will still be possible to change by making it to measure, or choosing a different color of the material.

The spring collection, which offers the best answer to the seasonal refresh of the wardrobe, is available at the web shop www.dianaviljevac.com and at Dežmanova 4.